jewellery variences

Your piece of ime is handcrafted for you. Thus, every pieces varies a little. We see these variations as beautiful, individual elements that come with the territory of handcrafting, not as flaws. If you feel unhappy with your ime piece please get in contact with us at

please explain ring sizes!

Generally our rings are sold in sizes: S:.........6 / (L1/2).........16.5mm M:........7 / (N1/2).........17.3mm L:.........8 / (P1/2)..........18.2mm Or as specifified (e.g rings designed for the baby finger may be sold in smaller sizes and rings designed for the thumb may be sold in larger sizes). Ring sizes are measured by the outside diametre of your finger. To find your ring size, please refer to our ringsize chart here: Or have it measured professionally. Always find out your ring finger measurement (e.g 17.3mm) not just the ring size (e.g 7 or N1/2) as some manufacturers vary in their sizing. This will allow you to shop anywhere and get the correct sizing. As we are a small company we currently only make these sizes. However if you desperately need a different size, email us at and we will see if it is feasible.

caring for ime

In conjunction with our desire for slow fashion + less waste, ime recommends the following care be taken of all your pieces, to ensure longevity: Firstly , ime uses only sterling silver, without plating for it's natural beauty + radience. Sterling silver is a precious metal and may require cleaning occasionally. Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes, but this is accelerated when exposed to chlorine, bleach, salt air and products containing sulfur. Thus, we recommend you: - take your ime pieces off while swimming or showering - keep perfumes/chemicals away from your ime pieces - remove ime pieces when going to the gym or lifting heavy objects to avoid bending or warping smaller pieces - take off necklaces before sleeping When not in use, ime recommends storing your pieces in a dry place within a cloth bag or in the acid proof tissue paper you received your piece in.


Please see our return/exchanges policy here: returns + exchanges + shipping

does ime do custom designs?

The short answer is no....for now! Because we are a very new company, ime doesn't have enough time to take on custom design ideas/requests, due to all the back and forth communication involved in that process. However, we are creating one of a kind pieces in between our main, repeated pieces. So there are changing, unique pieces popping up all the time, maybe just the kind og thing you're looking for!

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