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At ime, we are all about sustainability. In fact, one of the reasons it took us longer than expected to launch was because we refused to use unsustainable jewellery boxes and so had to search longer for greener options.

Every ime piece of jewellery is made to order, meaning there is minimal wastage and no need to make 'quick sales' in order to get rid of stock.

As a result, pieces can take a week or two to make and get sent out, but we feel this is worth it to our precious environment.

We save offcuts and silver dust to use for future pieces and purchase recycled silver whenever possible.




ime pieces are individually wrapped in acid neutral tissue paper, then placed in a handmade, cotton ime bag which is in turn stuffed with shredded, recycled, tissue paper.

The bundle is then wrapped in biodegradable bubblewrap and placed inside a compostable mailer. If any sticky-tape is used in the process - fear not! It's biodegradable too ;)

We are always looking to be even greener, so if you have any ideas or suggestions of ways ime can reduce it's footprint, please contact us on and together we can strive for a greener, more beautiful earth together!


ime team x